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Become a cleaning professional!

We know that finding a good and stable cleaning job can be challenging. Our company is all about performing to achieve the highest industry standards and build a stable and loyal client base. We believe the company is as good as the people working for it, so we work hard towards building a team that will keep exceeding clients' expectations. If you love cleaning and enjoy helping others - this is a job for you!  

If you already have your own clients, that's fine. We help you get more clients. Earn more money by working with Scrubberline. We send you all the work you can handle. You tell us your availability, what areas you want to work in and what types of cleanings you will accept. We send you the cleaning job offers regularly based on what you ask for. This could be full time or part time. We take care of advertising, phone estimates, customer service, scheduling and billing for the clients. 

Most of the jobs we offer are Residential Cleaning, Office Cleaning, and Move In/Out Cleaning services. We offer employment to contractors and hourly employees, so you have the flexibility to create your schedule and set hours for the job. Suppose you are unsure what workload would suit you best. In that case, we can help by estimating and setting the threshold you can grow from professionally. 

We operate in all parts of the city. The majority of the cleaning jobs we do are Residential Standard Cleaning services, so most of our cleaners have over ten regular customers they work with. Deep Cleaning and Move In/Out Cleaning services are also available for our clients. We also ensure our team has enough time between the jobs to operate efficiently, change location, restock supplies, rest, and provide the best service possible.

  • What type of work will you do?
    Most jobs are Standard Cleaning services for our regular clients. Duties vary from client to client but typically include cleaning rooms, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, wiping surfaces, taking the trash out, and tidying up. You can see the list of jobs for each cleaning package. In addition, you will be given instructions from clients about what needs to be done more or less extensively.
  • What workload will you get?
    That depends on you, your availability, and your work experience. If you are friendly, positive, and flexible, we will give you work as much as you want to. We gradually increase the number of jobs to allow you to adjust and organize and get to know the clients. Having a driver's license + your own car will enable you to travel and take more clients.
  • How will you get paid?
    You will get paid weekly, depending on the hours worked. In addition, you'll keep 100% of the tips you get.
  • How will you get bookings?
    We will call or text you to check if you are interested in the job. If you decide to take a job, you will be sent a confirmation via email/text message with the date, time, and customer's address.

Requirements for the position of a cleaning professional:

  • At least two years of PAID professional cleaning experience, either with a company or by yourself
  • Legally able to work in the US
  • English speaking
  • Submit and pass a background check
  • Have access to email or smartphone
  • Responsible, reliable, and pleasant
  • Valid Driver's License / ID
  • Have own working vehicle
  • Must have your own cleaning supplies
  • Must have or be willing to purchase Professional General Liability Insurance

We offer:

  • No registration fees
  • Weekly payment
  • Stable regular clients
  • Bonuses for 5 star reviews during select periods
  • Bonuses for referring other cleaners
  • No difficult apps to work with

Start your professional cleaning career now!

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    Do you have a valid driver's license?

    Do you have a working vehicle?

    Are you willing to undergo a background screening and/or drug test?

    Can you legally work in the US?

    How many years of Paid Professional Experience do you have?

    Where would you say most of your cleaning experience is in?

    Do you have professional general liability insurance?

    If not, are you willing to obtain professional general liability insurance?

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