Commercial Office Cleaning Service
in Dallas, Texas

Scrubberline offers comprehensive commercial office cleaning services. We are dedicated to maintaining the cleanliness, safety and professionalism of all business spaces, creating a healthy, productive environment for you and your employees and a welcoming atmosphere for your clients.

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What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning refers to a range of specialized services designed specifically for business environments, including offices, retail stores, medical facilities, and more. It goes beyond basic cleaning, encompassing deep cleaning, thorough sanitation and detailed maintenance tasks. By addressing the high-traffic nature of business spaces, commercial cleaning helps maintain a professional, safe, and inviting environment for employees, clients, and visitors.

Benefits of Using a Office Cleaning Service

A professional office cleaning service brings multiple benefits to your business. It significantly improves the appearance of your offices and other spaces, creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere. A well-maintained space not only impresses clients but also boosts the productivity of your employees. Additionally, it reduces the accumulation of dust, allergens, and germs, which helps in maintaining a healthy workplace and minimizing the risk of sickness. Moreover, commercial cleaning increases the longevity of your property, including flooring, furniture, and equipment, by cleaning and maintaining them correctly.

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Properties Included in Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Our services ensure that your kitchen is hygienic, deeply cleaned, and compliant with all health standards, crucial for any restaurant or other food service.

Commercial Building Cleaning

Retail Spaces

We provide thorough cleaning for retail spaces, ensuring a hygienic, inviting shopping environment for customers.

Laboratories & Medical Facilities

Our team is equipped to handle the specialized cleaning needs of labs and medical facilities, guaranteeing a sterile, safe environment.

Auto Dealerships

Cleaning services for auto dealerships focus on showcasing vehicles in a pristine environment, from showrooms to service areas.

Gyms and Fitness Centers

We ensure gyms and fitness centers are sanitary and hygienic, creating a safe and appealing space for all fitness activities.

Entertainment Venues

Our cleaning services for entertainment venues cover everything from theaters to event spaces, ensuring cleanliness and comfort for guests.

Government Buildings

In government facilities, our professionals maintain the highest standard of cleanliness adjusted to public service buildings.

Financial Institutions

We provide cleaning services for banks and financial institutions, ensuring these high-traffic areas are spotless and professional.

Educational Institutions

From classrooms to common areas, our cleaning services support a hygienic, conducive learning environment in schools and universities.

Hotels and Hospitality

Our hotel cleaning services ensure guest rooms, lobbies, and dining areas meet the highest standards of cleanliness and luxury.

Office Cleaning

Meeting Rooms

We make sure meeting rooms are clean and orderly, providing a professional setting for business discussions.

Common Areas

Our services include cleaning of lobbies, hallways, and other common areas, maintaining an inviting atmosphere for all.


Regular cleaning of workspaces promotes a productive and healthy environment for employees.

Exterior Areas

We also take care of exterior areas, ensuring a clean and professional first impression for your business.

Other Specialized Areas

Our services extend to any specialized areas unique to your business, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning solution.

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Types of Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

Standard Commercial Cleaning Services

Our standard cleaning services are designed to cover all the fundamental needs of keeping your business space immaculate and presentable. These services include routine tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and general tidying up, maintaining a professional appearance. Our crew works efficiently to minimize any potential disruptions.

Deep Commercial Cleaning Services

When your business space requires a more intensive cleaning approach, our deep cleaning services are the answer. We thoroughly clean every nook and cranny, going beyond the surface to tackle deep-seated dirt and grime. This service includes detailed cleaning of high-traffic areas, sanitization of restrooms and kitchens, and care for hard-to-reach spots.

Commercial Cleaning Service Frequency Based Packages

Recurring Commercial Cleaning

Keep your business consistently clean with our recurring cleaning services, tailored to your schedule and needs. We work with you to create a plan that fits seamlessly into your business routine. This ongoing service ensures that your workplace always reflects a clean, professional image and provides a healthy environment for both employees and clients.

One Time Commercial Cleaning

Ideal for post-event or seasonal cleaning, our one-time service ensures your business space is thoroughly cleaned and refreshed. This service is a convenient solution for businesses looking for an intensive clean without the commitment of a recurring schedule.

Why Choose Our Dallas, Texas, Commercial Cleaning Services?

A Team You Can Trust

Our crew isn’t just experienced, they are trained to meet your cleaning needs with care and precision. You can count on Scrubberline to be there on time, every time. We are known for our reliable and consistent cleaning services, keeping your business looking great all the time.

Cleaning That Fits Your Business

Every business is different, and so are your cleaning needs. We listen to what you need and tailor our cleaning plans to fit your business schedule and specific requirements.

Top-Notch Tools and Eco-Friendly Products

We use the latest cleaning tools and technology. This means we can do our job more effectively and quickly, making sure every corner of your space shines. Our cleaning is friendly to the environment because we use safe, eco-friendly products, so your workplace stays tidy and healthy without harming the planet.

Affordable Prices

We offer great cleaning services at affordable, transparent prices. You get top-quality cleaning without breaking the bank.


Yes, our services include responsible waste disposal and recycling practices, ensuring your business remains environmentally conscious.

Absolutely. We provide post-construction cleaning services to remove debris and dust, making your new or renovated space ready for use.

Don’t worry, our staff is trained to maintain the highest standards of security and confidentiality, especially in sensitive areas.

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